Sunday, 10 January 2010

Aeroplane Cake

After months of not making a cake to be decorated, I received this order from Sarah; Jesse's mum.
A simple butter cake for both the aeroplane and the base. After searching the net I found a few ideas on how to actually cut the cake up to make the aeroplane (airplane). Have enclosed a few here if anyone is interested.

This image is taken from the following book

Then I had to figure out how the fondant would react in this weather as it's summer here now and temperatures were varying between 20's and 30's. In Malaysia it was too humid and needed a cool dry place to get the fondant to hold its shape. I also knew that one never could keep the fondant in the fridge. But lo and behold, the fondant hardened when I kept it in the fridge. Now that is something new for me and what a relief.

Anyways I managed to get the propellers to harden enough to keep it upright. I could have wrapped the whole aeroplane with one piece of fondant instead of in its individual pieces. But was trying to figure out how to do that and then set it on top of the base without breaking it. So made the individual pieces up and stuck them together on the base.

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