Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Christmas Red Velvet cupcakes

It's been months since I wrote in my previous blog and though I have been learning and baking new stuff in my patisserie class I didn't get much time to bake as I used to and more so didn't have the opportunity to bake for friends anymore.

Then a few days ago I happen to watch the movie Julie & Julia and it sort of gave me some inspiration to start baking again at home, even it was just to try out new recipes and get back into blogging about the stuff I baked.
So the plan is to bake and try out a new recipe each week (unless time does not permit) and continue with a new blog where the passion continues.

To begin this little project of mine, yesterday I decided to try out some red velvet cupcakes. In my previous blog I had tried out this recipe only once and wanted to see if it was going to turn out the same. And I must say, it was. The texture was so velvety am so amazed how by adding buttermilk, vinegar and baking soda to a cake mix actually helps change the texture into a smooth soft one.
Then since Christmas is not too far away, I decided to try out my new Christmas themed stencils which I bought for $4/set of 4, and dusted some of the cupcakes with icing sugar.

A trick I discovered while dusting the icing sugar, was to press down the stencil onto the cupcake if it has a rounded top, and to dust as much icing sugar to get a firm pattern. Nonetheless when I checked the patterns this morning, the moisture of the cake had absorbed most of the icing.
Some of the cupcakes were decorated with cream cheese which is a good combination for these red velvet cupcakes.

Now that the 1st project has been completed, I wonder what would be next in the oven.
Hmm...this sure is exciting.

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