Sunday, 28 November 2010

Rainbow Cake

A friend was telling me about a rainbow cake she saw on someone's blog and so decided to surprise her and make her one. It's a basic butter cake, with the colours of the rainbow mixed in portions of the batter, which is then topped onto each other to give it the rainbow effect.
I was rather weary of the colours being too gaudy and affecting the taste of the cake, but thankfully the cake still tasted very much like a butter/vanilla cake and no one could taste any of the colours.
It's would be a nice surprise to cover the cake with icing and then have a lovely surprise once you cut into it. would also definitely be a nice way to make cupcakes, but then that would require lots of time and work spooning the correct amount into each patty.

All the colours stacked on top of each other

Colours all mixed and ready to be assembled.

The inside of the cake

Love the colours...

Lavender Cupcakes

Since moving to Melbourne, I have been fascinated with the lavender flowers and realised that people did use it for cakes and such. So embarked on a mission to make these cupcakes when spring came and lavenders were abundantly available.
Managed to get some pure lavender essence which I used as the flavouring to the cupcakes. Nonetheless I didnt want the cupcakes to taste too much like pot purri so omitted it from the butter cream. Did garnish with some fresh lavenders I picked from the garden. Overall I am happy with the results, and the two people who ate them said they were nice and not too overpowering.